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Winter driving tips UK

Winter is just around the corner and most of us have very little experience of winter driving in extreme weather conditions. Spending time considering how the colder weather affects your driving could help to prevent an accident.

winter driving

When the clocks change its leaves us with longer periods of darkness, making winter driving more hazardous. Taking time to plan your journey and leaving earlier can avoid unnecessary mistakes. Rushing due to lateness is one of the most common reasons for accidents, and more so in winter.

Top Winter Driving Tips

Pack a winter emergency kit in your car:

  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Shovel
  • Snacks – cereal/energy bars
  • Extra screen wash
  • Waterproofs
  • Scarf, hat & gloves

Allow extra time for journeys

  • Plan routes to favour major roads, which are more likely to be cleared and gritted
  • Try to get up at least 10 minutes early, to give you time to de-ice the car.
  • Clear all windows using a scraper and de-icer

Keep your car healthy

  • Ensure your MOT and service is up to date
  • Any unusual noises get checked out immediately

&How do I prepare my car for winter driving?

  • Check wiper blades and replace worn or damaged ones
  • Ensure you windscreen is clean inside and out
  • Clear snow from the roof, it can fall onto the windscreen and block your view
  • Use both the air-con and the heater to demist the windscreen. Using them in combination reduces condensation by keeping the air dry
  • Use a suitable additive in your screen wash to reduce the chance of it freezing

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